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In a truck air brake system the air brake chamber plays a vital role in the safety of a truck.

 Brake Chambers convert the energy of compressed air into mechanical force and motion. Through the air brake chamber’s connection to a slack adjuster and then to a brake camshaft, this force and motion actuates the brake camshaft.

 The camshaft is twisted between the brake shoes, separating them to create friction inside the air brake drum.

 This friction causes the wheel to slow and stop the wheel and the vehicle.

Brake Chambers are available in several sizes, providing a wide range of output forces and strokes.

 The many different size brake chambers are identified by numbers, which indicate the effective area of the diaphragm.

 For example, a Type 30 brake chamber has a 30 square inch effective area diaphragm size.

Emergency and Parking Spring brake chambers apply the brakes by means of a large coil spring that provides enough force to hold the brakes in the applied position, instead of using air to apply the brakes.

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What is caging the brakes?

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