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Taking proper care of your air dryer is vital.

Air dryers are installed between the air compressor and the “wet tank” on commercial trucks. Their purpose is to filter out water vapor, oil vapor, and other contaminants before they can reach the air tanks and valves.

Remove the moisture from your air system is not enough, you also need to make sure the oil is being kept out of the air system.
Oil can contribute to premature damage in a variety of components such as push-pull dash valves, spring brake modulating valves, and brake chamber diaphragms.
And oil-deteriorated seals can cause air system leaks that may cost you points during roadside inspection.
Oil contamination can lead to the failure of any system that relies on clean air for proper operation, including the air brake, engine, emission, and drivetrain systems.
These systems include a variety of advanced technologies required to meet stricter emissions regulations on vehicles built after 2007 and 2010, as well as technologies that fleets are increasingly adopting to improve productivity and fuel economy, including diesel particulate filters, selective catalytic reduction system and transmissions on top of the safety-critical brake components.

Maintenance of Air Dryers.

Recommended intervals for trucks six months (50,000 miles), one year (100,000 miles), and two years (200,000 miles).

More frequent intervals may be required depending on a vehicle’s age, its compressor condition, the operating environment, the vehicle’s and its usage.
In conjunction with the guidelines, fleets can determine the functionality of their filters by checking for moisture in the air brake system monthly.

If moisture is present, the air dryer cartridge may require replacement.

Fleets who acquire used trucks should change the air dryer cartridge as part of their prep work to bring the truck into operation.

Changing the cartridge and sticking to a maintenance schedule, helps ensure long life and improved reliability of the air system it’s critical components, and the truck itself. Maintenance of the air dryer and cartridge can help a fleet and owner-operator lower their operating costs.

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