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The amber check engine warning lamp will illuminate when a problem exists, but in most cases the vehicle can be safely driven.
The vehicle should be serviced as soon as possible to correct the problem, but the situation is not necessarily an emergency.

Check Engine Amber light or Another sample of a check engine light. or Sample of a service engine soon light

On the Big Rigs, If the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) lamp comes on, the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank is almost empty or the soot level in the DPF is at full capacity.
At this level warning, Generation cannot be performed and engine power will be cut back on power.

A lamp will also illuminate when a DPFRe-Generation or addition of Diesel Exhaust Fluid is required.

Another function of the check engine lamp is to warn the operator of an impending idle shutdown.
When the idle shutdown timer is 30 seconds from expiring, the engine ECM begins flashing the check engine warning lamp once per second.

When the timer expires, the ECM will turn off the warning lamp and shut down the engine.

If a Red Stop Engine Light Comes on – pull safely to the side shut motor of and call for assistance


High Soot Level lamp


S20001 Low DEF fluid level lamp.




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