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R&M Diesel in Arkansas Services, installs services and carries Performance Chips – Modules and Programmers for the Dodge 5.9L Cummins 1994-2007.
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Electronic performance modifications using CHIPS – MODULES – PROGRAMMERS are by far the most common performance part we sell and install.
These products create the most noticeable difference in power gains and are classified by two general types of units:

  • The “Performance Module” installs under the hood and works by altering your vehicle’s stock ECU parameters.
    The main benefit with most of these units is on-the-fly adjustability (changing power levels while you drive) with a switch, or on more advanced units a display that provides additional monitoring and safety features.

  •  The “Downloader/Programmer” works by downloading and storing your stock computer’s information, then uploading a new program to the vehicle’s ECU.
    Benefits of these units include no physical parts actually being installed on the vehicle and the overall ease of use.

These modules can be programed to affect a wide range of different variables.
Torque, horsepower, and miles per gallon can all be affected in positive ways.

Programmers are one of the go-to performance options for the 5.9 dodge Cummins diesel for those that looking to improve performance or milagefrom their truck.

The H&S MINI MAXX TUNER WITHOUT PYRO will really open up your 5.9.
It will remove the speed limit and add horsepower in about fifteen minutes.
The H&S Mini Maxx comes with detailed instructions which will allow you to do what you want and has an attractive display so you’ll be able to see exactly what’s going on with it.

Bully Dog Performance programmers not only increases horsepower but also improves fuel economy.
The GT Platinum Gauge Tuner.
The GT is an excellent programmer / digital gauge combo.
The GT dramatically improves horsepower, torque aand fuel economy.

Shipping available for all Programmers, modules or chips.
And as always at R&M Diesel Parts and Service of Arkansas installation is Available.

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