Commercial Truck Suspension Systems

R and M Diesel Commercial Truck Suspension Systems Serviced and Repaired
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Suspension Systems

The suspension system supports the vehicle and its load and keeps the axles in place and aligned with chassis. Therefore, broken suspension parts can be extremely dangerous.
Inspect the following:

Spring hangers that allow movement of axle from proper position.

Cracked or broken spring hangers.

Missing or broken leaves in any leaf spring. If 1/4 or more are missing, it will put the vehicle “out of service,” but any defect can be dangerous.

Broken leaves in a multi-leaf spring, or leaves that have shifted so they might hit a tire or other part.

Leaking shock absorbers.

Torque rod or arm, U-bolts, spring hangers, or other axle positioning parts that are cracked, damaged or missing

Air suspension systems that are damaged and/or leaking . .

Any loose, cracked, broken or missing frame members.

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