Dot Inspections Little Rock

R & M Diesel Does Annual DOT Truck Inspection in Arkansas.
Located a short drive from down town Little Rock, close to I-30 and I-530.

Not only do ( DOT) Department Of Transportation Inspections make good sense – They are required annually.
FMCSR 399.211 Minimum Periodic Inspections Standards.

Vehicle Inspections and truck maintenance can help you control costs and keep drivers safe on the road.
At R&M Diesel Services for your fleet, we will even come to you.
Let us keep your vehicles on the road, in good shape, and help keep your CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) Basic Scores low.

One of the biggest reasons Truckers are delayed and fined at roadside inspection stations is being over loaded.
Let R&M Diesel install the Air-Weight on board weight system on your truck to avoid costly delays and fines.

A properly executed Truck and or trailer vehicle inspection can help you and your drivers:
Discover unsafe conditions before they cause accidents or crashes.
Find mechanical problems before they lead to costly breakdowns.
Avoid being placed out of service during a roadside DOT inspection, or being subject to infractions and fines.
Helps protect your equipment, your drivers, and your organization’s reputation.

Drivers also need to know what to check on the vehicle and how to spot defects, who to call when there is a problem, and how and when to submit documentation. A regimen of a complete pre-trip at the beginning of the day, walk-around inspection every time the vehicle is parked, and a post-trip at the end of the day is the best practice. That, coupled with a competent maintenance department, can keep your vehicles on the road, in good shape, and help keep your CSA BASIC scores low.

In addition the annual inspections, federal safety regulations require drivers to periodically check their cargo and securement devices to ensure that the cargo is properly secured, and make adjustments as necessary.

Drivers are required to check their loads:
Before the trip starts
Within the first 50 miles after beginning the trip
Whenever the driver makes a change of duty status or after the vehicle has been driven for 3 hours or 150 miles, whichever occurs first.

cdl pre trip inspection diagram | Remember: The pre-trip test must be passed before you can proceed to ...

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