Exhaust Brake

Diesel Engine Exhaust Brakes are used to slow down a large truck. It is most often associated with semi-trailer trucks.

An Exhaust Brake is a valving device that creates a major restriction in the exhaust system, and creates substantial exhaust backpressure to retard engine speed and offer supplemental braking. An exhaust brake can be effective enough to slow a heavily-loaded truck on a downgrade without ever applying the trucks service brakes.

Exhaust brakes are not the noisy compression brake, or “Jake Brake” used on big diesel trucks.

The exhaust brake which is located below the turbocharger is a valving system that can be partly closed to restrict (but not totally close off) exhaust flow. This valve activates when the driver releases the fuel throttle pedal. Under these conditions, the exhaust flow from the cylinders is bottlenecked and rapidly builds pressure in the exhaust system upstream from the exhaust brake pushing down on the piston, restricting the exhaust flow generate substantial braking. That’s what makes an exhaust brake so effective.

The pressure build up in the exhaust system must be controlled, check with the manufacture of your engine for your specifications. To much restriction can actually damage a diesel engine. If the pressure in the exhaust system, which also pushes against the back side of closed exhaust valves exceeds the valve springs ability to hold the valves on their seats, the exhaust valves would be forced open and the pistons could hit the valves, causing severe engine damage. An exhaust brake must vent some exhaust flow through the exhaust system to keep the peak system pressure below the danger point. This is a carefully engineered setting by manufactures to determination maximum practical braking without causing engine damage. If it weren’t for the potential valve-train or exhaust system rupture problems, the exhaust brake system could be designed to create incredible engine braking force.

At R and M Diesel in Sheridan, Arkansas we can service, repair, replace or install an Exhaust brake on your diesel truck.

Let R and M Diesel explain the benefits of the revolutionary, patented all-electronic braking system From Banks the “SpeedBrake”, a downhill speed regulating, user-adjustable set-point speeds (25-75 mph) & built-in safety. It takes diesel exhaust braking to a whole new level by combining intelligent manipulation of the variable geometry turbo’s turbine vanes with specific control of gear selection and torque converter clutch application when engine braking is desired. SpeedBrake cuts downhill speeds by nearly 80% without using the brake pedal.

Benefits of Diesel Engine Exhaust Braking:

Improved downhill vehicle control

Provides “peace of mind”

Helps brakes last three times longer, paying for itself

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